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Half Hour / Hour Commercial Food Timer
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5 Alarm Talking Commercial Food Timer
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12 Alarm Scrolling Text Commercial Food Timer
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4 Alarm White Board Commercial Food Timer
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Restaurant and Hospitality Alarm Timers for Improved Quality. Fresh Alarms are commercial food timers for quality control that are used to improve the consistency and quality of your casual dining restaurant or fast food restaurant ( Quick Service Restaurant ) | ORDER

Restaurant Kitchen Timers / Fast Food Restaurant Timers: Programmable Fresh Alarm timers have a wide range of uses; helping restaurant employees check food freshness regularly to ensuring consistent, safety walks for insurance purposes to reminding employees to make sure restrooms are cleaned regularly ('rest room checks'). Fresh Alarm timers also aid in employee training, our reminder watch can have reminder messages programmed to go off at certain times.

Fresh Alarm products can help boost the success of your restaurant and will aid in your control processes. Fresh Alarms are ideal restaurant quality management timers. FreshAlarms are more than just commercial food timers, they can help restaurant managers have more control over consistency in the work place in various areas as well as reminding employees of important tasks. | Testimonials

Fresh Alarm unique alarm timers do much more than the traditional kitchen or cooking timers. Each FreshAlarm is an easy to set kitchen timer with unique features which are hard to find in the restaurant industry. These unique features range from an easy to set reminder with 37 alarms to an interval timer with which you record your own unique message. Customers compare restaurants by their consistency in food quality, cleanliness, how well employees are trained and customer service. Become freshness guaranteed with our Fresh Alarm products. Our commercial food timers are vital to monitoring food quality, customer service, training and restaurant cleanliness. | e-pill Web Site

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Commercial Food Timer for food quality checks for KFC

Fresh Alarm commercial food timers are currently in use at KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken at The Dulles, OR and other KFCs across the country. Fresh Alarm commercial food timers are used for routine food checks. A FreshAlarm reminds employees to perform food quality checks (every 30 or 60 minutes) to ensure food freshness / food quality in your restaurant kitchen.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try a Fresh Alarm, we guarantee you'll love it! We provide a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee which means if you don't love your Fresh Alarm you can return it and get a full refund (you pay for the return shipping). FREE Standard SHIPPING. 1 Year Warranty on ALL FreshAlarms.